Family and Baptism

Thomas Millington, Ambassador for Christ

Jerusalem, Israel, the Biblical Land is real and alive!
Thomas’s paternal grandfather
Tom’s father honored by U.S. Thunderbirds. Read “Crises Over Canada.”
Clyde Millington, Believer in Christ
Tom’s first business: Master Security in 1984
Thomas’s maternal grandfather
Judge Harry W. Lindeman, “Youth need our help in building strong Christian character upon which rests the advancement of the Kingdom of God. The only practical assurance of reaching this goal in the future is that we shall continue to give our moral and financial support to such organizations as the Church and the YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) that furnish the trained leadership, tested programs, and public confidence to produce these cherished results.”
Mother, Lindy, on “Wheels”

Channel 3 Super Senior Lindy Millington