God, Deity, Government

Bringing attention to an anti Jewish/Christian sentiment as published by the Jerusalem Report, March 7, 2005, page 2: Avrahaum Segol on December 1, 2004 informed  “President Bush and the Supreme Court that a sculpture of Moses holding the ‘Ten Commandments’, part of the courtroom’s northern frieze, parts of commandments six through eight, in Hebrew lettering, are recognizable. In each, the Hebrew word Lo which translates in all religious traditions and translations as ‘Thou shalt not…’ happens to be missing, covered by Moses’ beard and robe! Indeed, chiseled in marble upon the walls of the highest court of the land is: Thou shalt murder, Thou shalt commit adultery, Steal.  The Supreme Court has known about this scandal since 1997 and elected to never publicly disclose the fact.”

Jesus: Murder Begins in the Heart

Life is all about the battle of the gods, so let’s name the Highest Deity by name and inspect this God.

Constitutions create secular government. They are built upon a foundation not that of Christ Jesus! The Hidden Faith of The Founding Fathers. America’s Founders Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson were both anti-Christian (Freemasons) among others. Benjamin Franklin; “Original sin is as ridiculous as imputed righteousness.” Masonic apron symbolizes the covering of shame in the Garden of Eden by their good deeds.