Secular Judges

State can’t locate oaths of 11 judges “The Vermont Constitution requires that all judges sign an oath…” Times Argus 2-11-05

Won case! Scott Huminski is a longtime, outspoken critic of Vermont’s court system. He had been upset for years with what he has described as mistreatment by judges in Vermont, particularly Judge Nancy Corsones.

A half million-dollar ministry home taken at the stroke of a pen by Judge Rita Flynn Villa– no signature from Thomas required… Thomas in tax court, Middlebury. Evidence of tax scam.

“We aren’t here to discuss the Constitution” Vermont Judge, Helen Tour

“[w]hat made it [10 commandments monument] unconstitutional was that Chief Justice Moore placed the monument in the Alabama Judicial Building (Federal Judge Thompson:) with specific purpose and effect, as the court finds from evidence, of acknowledging the Judeo-Christian God as the moral foundation of [American] laws.’” Judicial TYRANNY-the new kings of America by Mark I. Sutherland, et. al.; page 21; Glassroth v. Moore, 229 F. Supp.2d 1290, 1293 (M.D. Ala.2002).

“to keep the godless from ruling, from laying snares for the people.” -Job 34:30

James Dobson, Focus on the Family.

The Vermont Judiciary claims among its goals is to: “Protect persons from the abuse of others and from the arbitrary use of Government power.” Sounds good to the itching ear, but the reality is they are totalitarian in spirit. The Holy Scriptures have no authority with VT Judges when making decisions. Thomas has been held in contempt of court for bringing up his religious convictions in this very court pictured by judge Nancy Corsones.

Fully Informed Jury Association “As a juror, you can save a life with just two words: Not Guilty. Learn how.” Jury Duty- In Vermont, a jury of peers (an equal in rank) is chosen by “Computers [that] randomly select citizens from voter registration and licensed driver’s lists.” -The Eagle, Mar. 6-12, 2003; by Jean Davis

Courthouse, Rutland, VT. The power of the “pen”- Man’s laws v. God’s law?

(Mind Controlling the jury (the jury being a person’s last defense against tyranny); Vermont Jury Instructions (excerpts): “… Neither are you to be concerned with the wisdom of any rule of law stated by the court. Regardless of any opinion you may have as to what the law is, or ought to be, it would be a violation of your sworn duty to base your verdict upon any other view of the law than that given in the instructions of the court; …”

(Excerpts Judge Helen M. Toor 11-28-12) Jury Instructions: “Do not research the law. Do not look up the meaning of any words. If necessary I  will give you definitions of any other words or terms before you begin your deliberations.”

Fact: Judges are not democratically elected. Vermont judges are appointed by the governor from a list of candidates submitted by the judicial nominating board. Judges serve six-year terms and must then be retained by a majority vote of the general assembly. What then is the moral standing of these individuals, and, consequently their impact on life/society? What do they understand about reconciliation with God and society? The secular (nonreligious) judges hide behind judicial immunity* to avoid accountability thereby making for the arbitrary use of power.

*Judicial immunity- The absolute protection from civil liability arising out of discharge of judicial functions which every judge enjoys. Under doctrine of “judicial immunity,” a judge is not subject to liability for any act committed within the exercise of his judicial function; the immunity is absolute in that it is applicable even if the actions of the judicial official are taken in bad faith (emphasis added).” Black’s Law Dictionary, 6th Edition

What has Scott Huminski learned from his Vermont court experience?
“That if you think you have rights, you’d be mostly wrong. That if you think, that when your rights are violated by government, that you can go to Court and get vindication, you’d be mostly wrong. Because if you go to Court, you had better have an understanding wife, willing to spend years of your life, a hefty war chest, connected attorneys, and even then a lot of luck, because the legal system is largely stacked against you and stacked in favor of government, and the Rule of Law is actually the Rule of Arbitrary.
Because government mostly does not protect you. Government mostly does not serve you. Government is watching you. Stay out of court. And if you go there, it is not about a search for truth and justice, it’s mostly about power, money and protecting bad government officials.”

“The judges use a simple tool of changing the meaning of the words in law. When they do this, they make a law mean whatever they desire it to mean, sometimes out of ignorance, sometimes to further their own political agenda.” Judicial TYRANNY-the new kings of America by Mark I. Sutherland, et. al.; page 86

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but we’re halfway through the last quarter of 2019. This year, we spent over 78,000 in legal battles. To some of our enemies, this is nothing. It’s a drop in the bucket for organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center, and not even a drop in the bucket for a company like MasterCard. For a nonprofit like ours, that kind of money is make or break. -Freedom Center, David Horowitz

(ADFLegal) “Officials in Louisville interpret a local ordinance to force Chelsey to photograph and blog about same-sex weddings — to celebrate that view of marriage — because she does so for weddings between one man and one woman. If Chelsey declines, she faces substantial penalties: damages, court orders, and required compliance reports. The law even prohibits Chelsey from directly explaining to clients and potential clients how her religious beliefs on marriage affect the photographs she can and cannot take. This includes expressing those beliefs simply on her studio’s website and social media sites!”

(Freedom Center) “This year, we spent over 78,000 in legal battles. To some of our enemies, this is nothing. It’s a drop in the bucket for organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center, and not even a drop in the bucket for a company like MasterCard.”

(ADFlegal) “But when it comes to pro-life or religious organizations facing similar treatment, the mainstream media remains silent. That’s why you probably haven’t heard about a new law in New York that forces pro-life pregnancy centers to hire people who disagree with their mission.”