The Capitol

Page 3: “This Nation Under GodA Congressman and His MakerIn the crucial struggle being waged today for the minds and souls of men, two rival philosophies of government have staked out their claims. One is a philosophy which considers man a slave of the state. The other is a philosophy of freedom -whose proud boast is that, “Government of the people, by the people and for the people shall not perish from the earth. No one knows what the future will bring.

“Washington’s National Mall is like a secular temple for the nation. It’s like the forum of ancient Rome and the acropolis of Athens, where the seat of power resides and national history is enshrined.” –Beyond Today Magazine

America is Freemason designed.

This 1959 edition of “The Capitol” is authoritative in that it is produced and published by the government of the United States (and of course, presumably, “We the People.”) From its pages reveals a very interesting spiritual perspective and understanding. The one who has the Spirit of God knows that this present government (“American experiment”) cannot be directly derived or constructed from the Holy Bible; however, the revering and reference to the One God is certainly accurate! In present American government, many vital teachings of Christ Jesus Savior of the world are absent! Rightly dividing the Word of Truth is imperative: “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.” -Isaiah 5:25

Page 45: “The President Is Personally Responsible to the People for His Acts.”

Page 65:(emphasis added for serious awakening!) “Masters and Rulers of the Earth, the Kings, Queens, and the Ministers, Tread the Carpet Behind the Podium of the House of representatives, to Speak, or Plead, or Greet, the American People Through Their Elected Representatives.” 

Dark side Exposed.  As a capitalistic institution, the United States is not a democratic society.  It is a plutocratic nation governed by the rich for the rich.  Although theoretically the government is the ultimate authority of a nation, in practice the ultimate power lies entirely in the hands of big industry headed by the weapons complex.” -Charles Mercieca, Ph.D., President, International Association of Educators for World Peace Dedicated to United Nations Goals of Peace Education. Read also Mockery of Christianity in America: “They censure Christ’s teaching by ignoring categorically everything Jesus taught that is not in line with their social agenda.”

Page 74: “The Laws of Old and of Today Seek to Glorify the Dignity of Man”

America is a nation deeply influenced by Christianity and the Bible, but this does not add up to a “Christian nation.” It does not exist for the glory of God who is unfailing love!

Page 42: “When War Is Declared, Congress Declares It”

Politics and Religion DO NOT MIX. America is a war culture not building Jesus’s Kingdom.

America is not a Christian Nation. For it to be Christian, Jesus must be recognized as King of Kings and Lord of Lords, The Son of the Living God, and Savior of all mankind to say the least. The Holy Bible must also be recognized as the eternal Word of God. These two are inseparable.

The Vermont Addison Independent on October 21, 1999, correctly quoted me, Thomas Millington: “The practices, purpose, and direction of America is contrary to the Will of God and the Kingdom of Heaven as taught by Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible.”

Holy Nation is God’s story